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U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command
Web-site policy

Policy: As of August 20, 2010 the CECOM public homepage website ( has changed to The CECOM News portion of the site will be run by the Army Content Online Resource Enterprise.

For security purposes, this reorganization will determine what information is intended for the public audience versus what information is intended for the internal audience. All information currently on the CECOM Web site will remain available, but will be assigned to the appropriate site.

Oversight: The CECOM public affairs offices have oversight of the CECOM public homepage, Any information on the site will be cleared through CECOM Public Affairs Office (PAO).

CECOM G3/5 Command Events and Information Office (CEI) has oversight of the internal CECOM Army Knowledge Online (AKO) homepage, The CEI and the CECOM PAO will coordinate when required on content and design recommendations.

Public Site: The purpose of the CECOM public Web site is to provide information to the general public about CECOM activities, leadership, programs, missions and functions. All other information will be moved to the internal site.

CECOM AKO Homepage: The purpose of the CECOM internal site is to provide information to the CECOM work force, Army Materiel Command (AMC) work force, Department of Defense (DoD) personnel, defense contractors and other AKO users. The internal site will provide a liberal environment for all staff elements to share their information with CECOM and AMC personnel, DoD personnel and defense contractors. This will be accomplished through an AKO username and password-protected site available on each staff element’s public site.

AKO registration information is available online at, and is open to Soldiers, civilians, contractors, retirees and family members.

Procedures for changes and updates:
  • CECOM Public Homepage POC: CECOM Public Affairs Office
  • CECOM AKO Homepage POC: CECOM G3/5 Command Events and Information Office