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About the CECOM Hall of Fame

The purpose of the CECOM Hall of Fame is to recognize and memorialize CECOM’s “Trusted Professionals,” who have made significant and enduring contributions to the Army, Army Materiel Command, the Department of Defense, and this great Nation. The program’s intent is to preserve CECOM's history and to give all members of CECOM a sense of heritage, honor, pride and belonging.

Membership in the CECOM Hall of Fame is open to any former Soldier or Department of the Army (DA) Civilian assigned to CECOM, whether at headquarters or subordinate organizations, and including those “predecessor organizations” going back to the founding of the Command in 1962. Nominees must be retired or separated from Federal Service for at least four years before consideration (this includes deceased nominees).

The CECOM Hall of Fame logo unites the past and future of the Communications-Electronics Command. Our mission of providing, integrating and sustaining C4ISR readiness to enable unified land operations is represented by the image of the modern Army solider in the Operational Camouflage Pattern Army Combat Uniform.

The success of that mission is built on recognizing and leveraging our historic achievements, represented with the background images of radar, satellite and ground combat communications. The Army, AMC and CECOM logos are united in the image, honoring our Chain of Command and the integrated team work required to successfully complete our mission.

For more information about the CECOM Hall of Fame, please contact the CECOM Historian.
Click Here to send an email to the Command Historian or Call 443-861-6669, DSN 848-6699.

Click Here to view videos of CECOM’s Hall of Fame events and inductee interviews.