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1964 list of classified camouflage files  1964-
1968 Correspondence regarding Camouflage  1968-
A Biochemical Approach to Camouflage for Army Application  1967-
A Classification System and Measures of Effectiveness for Counter surveillance (U)  1971-
A Commonsense Look at Counter surveillance- A Digest for Executives  1975-
A Course in Camouflage for Selected Officers and NCOs of Divisional Units  1942-
A Detection Study Using the Slams Mine  1973-
A New Approach to Personnel Camouflage and Concealment via 3-D and Flat Optics  1971-
A Strategy for the Passive Air Defense of War Production  1944-
A Suitability Test of Compound, Overcoloring (White), T 55-1  1956-
A Suitability Test of Compound, Overcoloring, Jungle Green, T-56-3  1957 April-
Aerial Detection of Camouflage  1974 September-
Aerial Photographic Interpretation of Camouflage  1949 July-
Agricultural Aviation Engineering Company (Agrinautics) Soil Penetrant by Helicopter  1968-
Aircraft and Vehicles Serving as Camouflaged Radio Antennas  1974-
Aircraft camouflage  -
Analysis Camouflage Net Radar Capability Degradation as a Function of Production Process and Specification  1975 March-
Annual Laboratories Posture Report Fiscal Year 1975  1975-
Annual Laboratories Posture Report Fiscal Year 1976  1976-
Apparatus Camouflage Nets, Garnished, MK, III Woodland Block Pattern  1948-
Armored Force Board of Officers Reports on Disruptive Pattern Painting of Vehicles  1943-
Army Reveals New Uniform  2004 June-
Artificial Texture and Coloration of Paved Surfaces  1942-
Artillery Weapon Dust Alleviation Test  1966-
Barracuda Camouflage Plastic Camouflage Net  -
Basic Plan of Investigation and Determination of Coloration for Desert Clothing, Tentage, and Equipment  -
Bates net information  1954-
Bates/Expansible/substitute camouflage nets  -
Battlefield Surveillance with Radar Equipment Methods of the Desert Fox Again Topical  1973-
Bracket, Camouflage, Armored Vehicle, for Natural Garnishing  1954-
Briefing on Radar Degradation of Camouflage Screens  1974-
British report on Tropical Dress  1952-
Bulletin of Information for Persons Registered  1940-
Camouflage Aspects of the 1952 ‘Leaflet II’ Troop Tests of Near and Infrared Driving and Gunnery Equipment  1952-
Camouflage Assistance to USAEUR  1967 February 1-1967 March 5
Camouflage Assistance to USAEUR  -
Camouflage Characteristics of Utility Clothing  1954 October-
Camouflage Cloth, Impregnated, Flame Resistant  1951-
Camouflage Course, focusing on WWII  -
Camouflage Covers  -
Camouflage Data Evaluation Final Report Volume I  1977-
Camouflage Dinnerware and Cutlery  1974-
Camouflage Drape Set for 8-inch Gun, M1; 240-MM Howitzer, M1  1949-
Camouflage Drape and Net sets  1943-1950
Camouflage Effectiveness of Combat Uniforms and Combat Boots  1968 c.-
Camouflage Evaluation Report (Phase I)  1973 September-
Camouflage Evaluation Report Phase 1  1974 January 21-
Camouflage Evaluation of Canadian Flying Equipment  1955-
Camouflage Evaluation of Seal Brown Color for Leather  -
Camouflage Expedients  1943-
Camouflage Face Paint  1944 February-
Camouflage HAWK  1967 July-1967 September
Camouflage Hawk Phase I Extension Final Report  1967 July-1967 September
Camouflage Kit for Radio Set SCR 536  1944 April-
Camouflage Lead Laboratory Fiscal Year 1973 Program Summary  1973-
Camouflage Lead Laboratory Fiscal Year 1974 Program Summary  1974 May 1-
Camouflage Manual  1942-
Camouflage Materials for Fixed Installation Concealment  1976 December-
Camouflage Measures for Concealment of Corporal Launching Site  1957-
Camouflage Measures for Concealment of the Truck Mounted 762 MM Rocket Launcher- Honest John  1957-
Camouflage Measures for the 280 MM Gun  -
Camouflage Meter Development  1976-
Camouflage Net Drape Set Number 1, 8-inch Gun or 240-MM Howitzer  1951-
Camouflage Net Drape Set for the 280-MM Gun  1954-
Camouflage Net Set Number 2  1951-
Camouflage Net Set for Light and Medium Field Artillery Batteries  1942 March 16-
Camouflage Net Set, .50 Caliber AA Machine Gun  1951-1955
Camouflage Net Set, .50 Caliber AA Machine Gun  1951-
Camouflage Net Set, Antiaircraft Machine Gun  1959-
Camouflage Net Set, Antiaircraft Machine Gun  1966-
Camouflage Net Set, Antiaircraft Machine Gun  -
Camouflage Net Set, Number 2, M-2  -
Camouflage Net Set, Number 4  -
Camouflage Net Set, Number 5  -
Camouflage Nets and Net Sets  1959-
Camouflage Painting of Army Aviation Helicopters  1974-
Camouflage Painting of Radomes  1969-
Camouflage Pattern Painting Design Drawings, Appendix B  1973-
Camouflage Pattern Painting Report of USAMERDC's Camouflage Support Team to MASSTER  1974 February-
Camouflage Pattern Painting  1975 August-
Camouflage Pattern Painting  1975 June-
Camouflage Project  -
Camouflage Project  -
Camouflage Research and Development for Army Material  1973 January 24-
Camouflage Research and Development for Army Material  1973 June 24-
Camouflage Screen System  1974 December 6-
Camouflage Screen System, Lightweight, Radar Scattering/Radar Transparent  1974 July 11-
Camouflage Specifications, Protective Equipment Section  -
Camouflage Study of General Purpose Small and General Purpose Medium Tents  1974-
Camouflage Study of the Lacrosse Guided Missile System  1958-
Camouflage Study of the Little John Rocket System  1958-
Camouflage Team Report of MASSTER ACCB II/TRICAP I  1972-
Camouflage Tests of Army and Marine Corps Shelter Half Tents1956  1956-
Camouflage against Radioelectronic Surveillance  1965-
Camouflage by Artificial Foliage  1974-
Camouflage by Means of Disruptive Patterning  1972-
Camouflage clothing report  -
Camouflage for Antiaircraft Artillery  1942-
Camouflage for Armored Vehicles  1947-
Camouflage in France  1944-
Camouflage in Future Warfare  1958 March-
Camouflage in Jungle Warfare: Some Notes for Troops from Western Europe  1944 October-
Camouflage in snow covered environments: Preliminary report of trials performed by UK during March 1975 in Norway  1957-
Camouflage in the Desert  1941-
Camouflage in the Pacific and the Far East  1945 September-
Camouflage information sheets #1-59B  -
Camouflage of Air Supported Covers for 25,000 Barrel Hasty Storage Fuel Reservoirs  1976-
Camouflage of Army Aircraft under Arctic Conditions  1955-
Camouflage of Army Aircraft  1958 December-
Camouflage of Army Tentage  1955-
Camouflage of Hercules Equipment  1965-
Camouflage of Honest John Self-Propelled Launcher XM-289  1954-
Camouflage of Honest John Self-Propelled Launcher XM-289  1954-
Camouflage of Packaging and Packing Materials MIPR A1-R0067-A1-EF  1973-
Camouflage of an Aircraft Shelter Complex  1975 January-
Camouflage of an Army Air Forces Service Group  1943 September-
Camouflage of the Corporal Launching Site in Wooded Terrain  1956-
Camouflage of the Corporal Launching Site  1954-
Camouflage of the Corporal Launching Site  1955 July-
Camouflage of the Corporal Missile in the Erected Position (U)  1957 September-
Camouflage of the Corporal Missile in the Erected Position  1957 September-
Camouflage of vehicles  1960 c.-1969 c.
Camouflage photos  -
Camouflage report  -
Camouflage supply manuals  1961-
Camouflage tents  1956-
Camouflage  1942-
Camouflage  1942-
Camouflage  1943-
Camouflage: Basic Principles  1952 March-
Camouflage: Individuals and Weapons  1952 July-
Camouflage: Vehicles and Installations  1952 August-
Camouflaged Packaging Materials  1974 May 13-1974 December 27
Cantonment Areas: Study Using Urban Pattern; Study of Dispersed Layout; Study of Disruptive Patterns  1942-
Catalogue of Slides  1942 April-
Charter of U.S. Army Mobility Equipment Research and Development Center as the AMC Lead Laboratory for Camouflage Technology  1972-
Chicken Feathers for Protective Concealment  1942-
Civilian Defense: Protective Concealment  1941 July 15-
Clip, Spring, Camouflage, Armored Vehicle, for 120-MM, 90-MM, or 76-MM Gun Barrel  1952-
Cloth, Camouflage: impregnated, Flame-Resistant; Osnaburg and Burlap; 100 yard roles  1961-
Cloth, Jute (or Kenaf), Burlap  1958-
Color Study, Fort Lewis, Washington  1982-
Color and Infrared Reflectance Recommendation for Dry-cold and Hot-dry Uniform Ensembles  1952-
Combat Engineer Requirements for Deception Devices in the 1980s  1978-
Comments on Foams for Land Combat and Other Suggestions  1974 September-
Comments on thermographs  1955-
Complementary Blending/Disguise/Decoy System for the OH-58 (KIOWA) Helicopter  1975-
Compound, Overcoloring, T 55-1  1955-
Concealment Equipment and Techniques (U)  1957-
Concealment Equipment and Techniques  -
Concealment for Armor and Aircraft  1966-
Concealment for Armor and Aircraft  1966-
Concealment from the Air View  1943 March-
Concealment of Medical Installations  1956-
Concealment of Parked Vehicles by Planned Irregular Arrangement  1943 October-
Concept Plan for Camouflage Effectiveness Assessment Office  -
Conceptual Design of a Lightweight Camouflage Screening System (U)  1969-
Conference Call with Headquarters TROSCOM on Camouflage Screening System  1974 February-
Construction Methods for Protective Concealment  -
Construction of Models for Protective Concealment  1942-
Coordination of Camouflage Detection Film Investigation  1953-
Corps of Engineers Prototype Envanal Chart  1954-
Counter surveillance and Counter Target Acquisition Study Part I: Introduction and Baseline  1973-
Counter surveillance and Target Acquisition Study  1973-
Counter surveillance  1969-
Criteria for Determination of Preliminary Acreage Required for Airdromes  1942-
Definition of Camouflage Characteristics  1955-
Department of the Army Approved Qualitative Material Development Objective for a Cut Foliage Preservation Means (U)  1969-
Department of the Army Supply Manuals  1956-
Detection and Recognition of Camouflaged Personnel (U)  1972-
Development Test II (Service Phase) of Lightweight Camouflage Screening System, Snow, Radar Transparent, Under Intermediate Cold and Cold Climatic Conditions  1974-
Development Test III of Lightweight Camouflage Screening System  1974 March-
Development Test III of Lightweight Camouflage Screening System, Woodland, Radar Transparent and Radar Scattering (Radar Transparent Finished Cloth) Addendum 1 to Final Report  1975-
Development of Camouflaged Coupled Radio Transmitters  1973-
Development of Camouflaged Vehicular VHF Antennas  1974 September-
Development of Improved High Diffusivity Lusterless Olive Drab Enamel  1970-
Development of an Improved, Lower Cost Olive Drab Solar Heat Reflecting Enamel  1969-
Dispersed Layouts for Cantonment Areas  1942 January 9-
Doctrine taught to troops in the field regarding camouflage of tents  1970 c.-1979 c.
Dual-Tex 2 Field Evaluation of Dual Texture Gradient Pattern  1977-
Effects of Camouflage on Visual Detection  1975 April-
Emergency Camouflage Adhesives from Natural Sources  1943 March-
Enamel, Drums and other Metal Products, Rust-Inhibiting, Olive Drab  1951-
Enamel, Semi-Gloss, Rust Inhibiting  1957-
Enamel, Solar Heat Reflectant, Olive Drab  1966-
Engineer Design Test Lightweight Net Report, Arctic-Type Terrain, Woodland Terrain, and Desert Terrain  1971-
Engineer Research and Development Laboratories, Fort Belvoir  -
Engineering Report: Snow Camouflage  1943-
Engineering Test of Lightweight Camouflage Screening System (SNOW) Radar Transparent  1974 July-
English translation of the French text submitted to the camouflage working panel of the Military Office of Standardization  1972-
Establishment of Vegetation for Camouflage through Hydroplanting Techniques, Final Report  1974 January-
Establishment of Vegetation for Camouflage through Hydroplanting Techniques, Phase II  1974-
Evaluation of American Patterned Combat Uniforms  1973-
Evaluation of Dust Suppression Equipment for M-113 Armored Personnel Carrier  1973-
Evaluation of Nylon Netting  1955-
Evaluation of Solar Heat Reflecting Paints for Reducing Thermal Stress  1966-
Evaluation of a Camouflage Texturing Adhesive  1969-
Evaluation of the M-60A1 Tank Camouflage by Operational Tank Crews  1976 April-
Evaluation of the M-60A1 Tank Camouflage by Operational Tank Crews  1976 March-
Excerpts: Passive Protection of Defense Plants  -
Executive Summary: Counter surveillance and Counter Target Acquisition Study  1973-
Exercise Snowbound  1953-
Expanded Service Test of Lightweight Camouflage Screening System, Woodland, Radar Transparent and Radar Scattering  1973-
Expanded Service Test of Lightweight Camouflage Screening Systems, Desert, Radar Transparent and Radar Scattering  1974-
Experimental Infrared Camouflage Canopy System (U)  1973-
Experimental Infrared Camouflage Material (U)  1969-
Experimental Research Prototype Infrared Camouflaged System (U)  1971 August-
Experimental Research Prototype Infrared Camouflaged System (U)  1971 August-
Fare Camouflage Development, Volume I Summary and Recommendations  1975-
Fare Camouflage Development, Volume II Evaluation and Revisions  1975-
Fare Camouflage Development, Volume III Part A: Requirements Documentation  1975-
Fare Camouflage Development, Volume III Part B: Development Documentation  1975-
Feasibility Study of Camouflage Packaging Materials 155mm Ammunition  1976-
Feasibility Study of Camouflage for Tents  1965-
Feasibility Study of Concealment by Use of Light; Spectral Reflectance of a White Sample  -
Feasibility Study of the Development of a Composite Broad Spectrum Camouflage Material (U)  1960-
Feasibility Study of the Preservation of Cut Foliage  1965-1966
Feasibility of Establishment of Vegetation for Camouflage through Hydroplanting Techniques  1974-
Feasibility of Using Fluorescent Colorants to Afford Camouflage Protection against Photographic Detection  1966-
Feasibility of camouflage of far infra-red sources  1972-
Field Evaluation of Head Net, Body Net, and Individual Weapon Cover  1976-
File pertaining to project between camouflage and the Electronic Research and Development Laboratories  -
Film Surface Tests, Water Absorption Tests, and Spectral Characteristics of Light Green Material for Lightweight Camouflage Screening System  1974 March-
Final Report Engineering Services Memorandum BN-51, Investigation of the Effect of Missile Camouflage Paint on the Operation of the NIKE-HERCULES Guidance Set  -
Final Report of ID Study for 1971 Camouflage Techniques  1971 December-
Final Report of ID Study for 1971 Camouflage Techniques  1971 December-
Final Report on Camouflage of Army Foliage (Phase I)  1973-
Final Report on the Development and Fabrication of Glare and Headlight Covers  1973-
Fluorescent Bleaches  -
Folder Marked Fort Knox Test Report  1940 c.-1959 c.
Folder marked Fort Knox Data  -
Formal Development Acceptance In-Process Review on Lightweight Camouflage Screening System- Woodland (Radar Transparent and Radar Scattering)  1972 October 31-
Fort Belvoir Engineer Research and Development Laboratories  1964-
Fort Knox Test of Camouflage Pattern Effectiveness  1974-
French Manuals  1969-
GLCM Camouflage Development Program  1982-
Garlands, camouflage, pre-fabricated  1940 c.-1949 c.
German Camouflage Materials  1943-
German Camouflage Methods and German Dummy Tanks  -
German Language Camouflage Reports  1960 c.-1969 c.
Green Camouflage Pigments and Methods for Making Same  1958-
Ground Launched Cruise Missile Camouflage Net Size Study  1982-
Ground Launched Cruise Missile Launch Compatibility Camouflage Evaluation  1982-
Ground Launched Cruise Missile System Camouflage Deployment/Recovery Instructions  1983-
Heat Suppressive Camouflage Coatings  1958-
Helicopter Detecability Test  1975-
Helicopter Disguise Evaluation Report  1972-
Helicopter Ground Handling Demonstration  1972-
Helmet Covers  1946 March-
Hidden Figure Test Results from Military Prep School  1972-
History of World War II Development of Jungle Warfare Uniform  1961-
History of the Development of Camouflage Equipment: I. Nets and Netting  1946 April-
History of the Development of Camouflage Equipment: III. Camouflage Paints and Compounds  1946 August-
History of the Development of Camouflage Equipment: VI. Camouflage of Air Corps and Industrial Installations  1947 June-
History of the Development of Camouflage Equipment: VII. Special Studies and Equipment  1947 June-
ILIR Project on Camouflage  1971-
In-house Preliminary Evaluation of VARO Net Support System  -
Individual and Small Unit Concealment in Snow Terrain  1943-
Industrial Camouflage and What to do About It  1942 July 30-
Information regarding Instant vehicle camouflage  1972-
Information regarding Small Arms Camouflage Techniques  1977-
Infra-red Reflectance of Paint  -
Infrared Detection and Camouflage  1966-
Infrared reflectance of uniforms, miscellaneous documents  1943-1945
Interim Report of the MASSTER Camouflage Evaluation Program  1973 January-
Interim Report on Camouflage of Army Aircraft  1958 January-
Interim Report, MASSTER Camouflage Evaluation Program  1973-
Introduction of German camouflage material at the NATO-MAS Convention for camouflage of 29 September to 2 October 1959 in Soesterberg, Holland  -
Investigation of Effects of Paint Types and Camouflage Pattern on the Thermal Signature of Vehicles  1986-
Investigation of Kenaf for use as a camouflage material  1952-1953
Investigation of Net Sizes for the Camouflage Draping of Military Equipment  1943 December-
Investigation of Patch Garnishing  1943 October-
Irma notebook  1954-
Joe Sperrazza’s assessment of the Army Camouflage program  1972-
Joint Field Trial on Air Defense Site Camouflage Small Scale Winter Trial  1974 c.-
Jungle Vision-II: Effects of Distance, Horizontal Placement, and Site on Personnel Detection in an Evergreen Rainforest  1964 November-
Lesson Reference File, Camouflage Materials  1966 March-
Lesson Reference File, Camouflage Materials  1970 September-
Lesson Reference File, Camouflage Techniques  1971-
Lesson Reference File, Camouflage of Bivouacs  1965 July-
Lesson Reference File, Camouflage  1964 November-
Lesson Reference File, Camouflage  1968 March-
Lesson Reference File, Concealment of Installations  -
Lesson Reference File, Cover and Deception  1967 November-
Lesson Reference File, Individual Concealment  1965 June-
Lesson Reference File, New Developments in Camouflage  1967 November-
Lighting for Radome Camouflage  -
Lightweight Camouflage Materials  1957 January-1957 September
Lightweight Camouflage Nets  1956-
Lightweight Camouflage Nets  1956-
Lightweight Camouflage Nets, experimental plastic garnishing film compared to camouflage burlap garnishing fabric  -
List of Selected Accessions of the Counter surveillance Data Base  1975 December-
Loose documents  1973-1974
M-60A1 Tank Firing Exercises on Camouflaged and Uncamouflaged Moving Targets  1975 December 8-
MASSTER Camouflage Evaluation Program, Phase II: Subtitle: Vehicle and Tentage Concealment Systems  1976-
MASSTER Camouflage Uniform Pattern Evaluation  1975-
MASSTER Camouflage Uniform Pattern Evaluation,” MASSTER Test Report No FM 204B: Final Report Phase II Subtitle: Verdant Camouflage Uniform Pattern Evaluation  1975-
MASSTER Plan working group notes  -
MASSTER Support Instruction Sheets  1974-
MERADCOM Evaluation of User Test Data on Personal Camouflage  1977-
MERDC Leads Major Effort in Camouflage Technology  1972 December-
Maneuvers  1942-
Master Lesson Plan for Camouflage Concealment of Large T/O Installations  1956-
Master Lesson Plan for Camouflage Concealment of Vehicles and Engineer Equipment  -
Master Lesson Plan for Camouflage Vehicle Concealment  1958-
Master Lesson Plan for Camouflage of Airfields  -
Master Lesson Plan for Camouflage, Practical Exercise in Construction of Deceptive Devices  -
Master Lesson Plan for Concealment by Simulation  -
Master Lesson Plan for Concealment of Artillery  1956-
Master Lesson Plan for Concealment of Supplies and Supply Points  -
Master Lesson Plan for Inspections  -
Master Lesson Plan for Layout of a Water Point  1956-
Master Lesson Plan for Observation of Simulation  -
Master Lesson Plan for Painting of Clothing  1956-
Master Lesson Plan for Pictorial Drawing  1955-
Master Lesson Plan for Pneumatic Deceptive Devices  -
Master Lesson Plan for Practical Exercise in Obstacle Concealment  -
Master Lesson Plan for Preparation and Maintenance of Camouflage Works  1956-
Master Lesson Plan, Camouflage Methods of Concealing the Individual Soldier  -
Master Lesson Plan, Camouflage for All Arms  1955-
Master Lesson Plan, Camouflage, Construction of Field Expedient Training Aids  1959-
Master Lesson Plan, Concealment of Rear Areas  -
Master Lesson Plan, Missile Concealment  -
Materials for Protective Concealment in Snow Terrain  1943-
Materials for Protective Concealment  1942 July 1-
Materials for Protective Concealments  1942-
Memos regarding Camouflage  1973-
Military Agency Standardization (MAS), Camouflage and Concealment Working Party Meeting  1971-
Military Potential Test of Camouflage Nets and Materials  1966-
Minutes of Formal Development Acceptance In-Process Review on Lightweight Camouflage Screening System- Woodland (Radar Transparent and Radar Scattering)  1972 November 8-
Minutes of the Camouflage Advisory Group Meeting on 10 and 15 July 1974  1974-
Minutes of the Camouflage Advisory Group Meeting  1973 December 20-
Minutes of the Camouflage Advisory Group Meeting  1974 April 2-
Minutes of the Camouflage Advisory Group Meeting  1974 February 21-
Minutes of the Camouflage Advisory Group Meeting  1974 February 5-
Minutes of the Camouflage Advisory Group Meeting  1974 January 14-
Minutes of the Camouflage Advisory Group Meeting  1974 March 15-
Minutes of the Camouflage Advisory Group Meeting  1974 March 7-
Miscellaneous 1975 paperwork, disposition forms, and memos  1975-
Miscellaneous Barracuda Camouflage handbooks  -
Miscellaneous bound material from the Camouflage School  1941-
Miscellaneous correspondence  -
Miscellaneous information regarding Camouflage nets  -
Miscellaneous reports on Corporal camouflage  1950 c.-1959 c.
Model Study of Instant Vehicular Camouflage  1973-
Modification of Camouflage Net Drape Sets  1953-
Modular Synthetic Lightweight Camouflage Screening System briefing  -
Motor Noise Simulator, Nancy  -
NIKE AJAX Concealment  1954-
NIKE HERCULES Net Set  1957-
National Military Establishment Specification: Nets, Camouflage, Cotton-Twine, Garnished with Fabric  1949 April-
Nazis Attempt to Dodge R.A.F. by Camouflage  1941 June 10-
Net Sets  -
Net, Camouflage, Cotton-Twine, with Hardware and Fabric Garnishment, for Drape Sets  1952-
Net, Camouflage, Fiber, Garnished with Fabric, Flat Top and Drape Patterns  1960-
Nets, Camouflage Cotton, Shrimp, Impregnated  -
Nets, Camouflage, Cotton-Twine Garnished with Fabric  1952-
Nets, Fort Bragg Tests  1943 June-
Netting, Cover-Shade, Wire, Steel, Galvanized, Garnished With Mineral Fiber  -
Note Concerning Deterioration, Maintenance, and Repair of Model 1962 Decorated Synthetic Camouflage Nets  -
Notes concerning B-52 camouflage  1964-
Notes on Development Type Material Pertaining to Cover, Protective, Rocket Launcher XM545  1961-
Notes on Modern Camouflage  1941-
Notes regarding contracts with Rowland and Company, Incorporated  -
On the Thermal Nature and Sensing of Snow Covered Arctic Terrain  1973-
Operation Powerplay  1953-
Operational Test and Evaluation of the Capability to Acquire Targets in Combat Air Support  1973 February-
Operator’s Manual for Camouflage Applications of Low Density Urethanes  1972-
Outline of Unit Training Program for Camouflage  1943-
Overcoloring Formulations for Clothing and Equipage for Camouflage Purposes  1955-
Paint (Fire Retardant, Interior White and Tints)  1951-
Paint Camouflage  1950-
Paint, Face, Camouflage, Stick Form  1967-
Paint, Phosphorescent, Ready Mixed (Non-Radioactive)  1950-
Paint, exterior, fire retardant, white and light tints  1958 March-
Paint, interior, fire retardant, white and tints  1954-
Paint; Cement-Water, Powder, White and Tints (For Interior and Exterior Use)  1950-
Paint; Cold-Water, Exterior, Powder (with Mixing Liquid)  1943-
Paint; Oil, Exterior, Ready-Mixed, Light-Tints and White  1945-
Painting and Marking of Army Aircraft  1971 January-
Painting tanks, photographs  1942-
Papers regarding AMC Lead Laboratory for Camouflage Technology  1971-1972
Papers regarding smoke as camouflage  1974-
Papers regarding trip to MASSTER  1975 May 27-1975 May 29
Paperwork re: Magnesium Coating for Steel Wire Camouflage Netting  1954-
Paperwork regarding a Unidirectional Screening Aerosol  1970-
Paperwork regarding camouflage clothing in New Zealand  1954-
Paperwork regarding color of underwear, towels, and handkerchiefs  1952-
Paperwork regarding reflectance of Burlap Samples  1957-
Paperwork regarding standardization of Camouflage Netting  1954-
Parametric Studies on Small-Item Camouflage  1971-
Pattern Nets for use in Procurement of Camouflage Net Sets Number 7, M-2  1944-
Photo-Simulation Techniques for Camouflage Verification (U)  1980 c.-
Photographs of Camouflage Net Test, New Mexico  1960-
Photographs of Field Work and miscellaneous other Hamilton Field information  1940 c.-1949 c.
Photos from Alaska  1953-1961
Photos from the 1954 maneuvers at Camp Hale, Colorado  1954-
Photos with captions  -
Pigments by Infra Red Light  -
Preliminary Evaluation of Camouflage Requirements for Fort Churchill and the Hudson Bay Area  1947 December-
Preliminary Operating and Maintenance Manual for Helicopter Camouflage Dispenser Type 73E01-1A  1969-
Preparation of Stable Colored Zinc Oxide Camouflage Paints  1951-
Presentation of Barracuda Camouflage Development  1969-1970
Principles for Camouflage of Aircraft  1944 February-
Procedures for Rapid Deployment, Redeployment, and Retrograde of Camouflage and Deception Equipment  1968-
Proposal for Reflective Camouflage systems  1975 May-
Proposed 5 Year Camouflage RDT&E Program Package  1964-
Proposed Evaluation Plan Photograph, Individual Utility Camouflage Net LWL  -
Proposed Evaluation Plan Photographs Camouflage through Reflectance of the Natural Environment  -
Proposed Research and Development Program for Camouflage Terrain Reflectors  1970 c.-1979 c.
Proposed Research and Development Program for Camouflage Terrain Reflectors  1975 March 21-
Proposed revised color for combat uniforms  1949-
Protective Concealment for Airfields and Other Fixed Installations  1942-
Providing Near and Infrared Reflectance to Static Simulation Devices, Irving  1952-
Rationale for Optimum Shape and Size for Modular Camouflage Screening System  1971-
Recent Overseas Camouflage  1942-
Reduction of Aircraft Visibility: A Review and Assessment  1968-
Reflectance Characteristics of Military Textiles  1954-
Reflectance of Camouflage materials  -
Report Dealing with Green Camouflage Color for Vehicles  1970-
Report by Frank Paca, chief of the camouflage assessment office  -
Report of Camouflage Test Sergeant Missile Firing  1960-
Report of Meeting Held at the Engineer Research and Development Laboratory, Fort Belvoir  1948 August 20-
Report of Projects  1941-1942
Report of Proposed Method of Camouflaging Tank Destroyer Gun Motor Carriages M36 and M18  -
Report of temperature studies made on U.S. armored combat vehicles operating under Arctic conditions at Fort Churchill, Canada during February 1955  1955-
Report of test on camouflage painting of tactical vehicles conducted by 7th Army  1966 July-
Report of travel of Rowland M. Murphy to Fort Hood, Texas for orientation and participation in discussions related to camouflage evaluations during this calendar year  1974 June-
Report on Camouflage Mission, Fort Knox, Kentucky  1943 February 23-
Report on Camouflage Sub-Sag Activities  1973-
Report on Combat Uniform Coloration  1951-
Report on Feasibility of Placing Strategic Installations Underground  1942-
Report on I Army Corps Maneuvers Vicinity of Lebanon, Tennessee 4 October to 25 October 1942  1942-
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Report on Typical Disruptive Patterns for Cantonment Buildings  1941-
Report on test program with plans for the evaluation of two camouflage strategies, the first being the use of vehicle disruptor systems to decrease the detectability of an M-48 tank; the second involving the study of foam decoys of real vehicles  -
Report regarding spectral Reflectance of Olive Drab Samples  1958-
Report, Conclusions, and Recommendations of Green Versus Tan Coloration for Hot Wet Combat Uniforms  1954-
Reports of Study of Camouflage Requirements in Aerial Delivery Equipment  1956-
Reports, Conclusions, and Recommendations of Green versus Tan Coloration for Hot-Wet Combat Uniforms  1953-1954
Research and Development Item Drawing and Specifications, Clothing and Equipment  -
Results of User Review of Camouflage for the Individual Combat Soldier in the Field  1965-
Review of Camouflage Literature  1940 September-
Screen to Provide Concealment from Far Infrared Detection  -
Scrim Net in Fall terrain  1943 November 18-
Seasonal Blends Ground Shots  1954-
Self-Scanned Optical Sensor Using Elastic Surface Waves  1969-
Service Test of Cover, Protective, Launcher, 762-MM, Truck-Mounted, M386  1960 November-
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Snow Camouflage Tests, Mount Rainier  1943 September-1943 November
Snow Camouflage, Mount Rainier  1940 c.-1949 c.
Special Information for use of Lightweight Camouflage Screening System for M109 and M109A1 Self-Propelled Howitzers  1975 November-
Special Study Test of Camouflage Application on M60A1 Tanks  1976-
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Specifications for Cover shade, Set Number 2, Fighter Airplane  -
Specifications for Paints and Paint Mediums  1917-
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Spectral Sensitivity of the Color Blind Eye  1972-
Studies and Tests: Churchill and Manitoba  -
Study of Applications of High Brightness Electroluminescent Panels (U)  1968-
Study of Concepts Leading to the Development of an Improved Lightweight Screening System for Use in Arctic Conditions  1975-
Study of Concepts Leading to the Development of an Improved Lightweight Screening System for Use in Arctic Conditions  1975-
Styrene-butadiene emulsion paint for application to exterior cultivated soil for camouflage and soil conditioning  -
Substitute camouflage nets  -
Suits, snow camouflage  1944-1957
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Systems Analysis/Systems Engineering Study to Determine Smoke/Aerosol Material for Counter Target Acquisition with Design to Requirements  1974 February 1-1974 March 29
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Tan Versus Green Coloration for Combat Uniforms in Hot-Dry and Hot-Wet Terrains  1961-
Tan Versus Green Coloration for Combat Uniforms in Hot-Dry and Hot-Wet Terrains  -
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Techniques for Concealing Military Equipment and Personnel from Near Infrared Detection, Irma  -
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Vehicles, wheeled and tracked  1941-
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Working paper on camouflage  -